Tomtom Touch, The Ultimate Fat Tracker

The Tomtom Touch seems like your general body fitness and activity tracker with its touchscreen display and single front button. Meaning, there is nothing new and aesthetically appealing about it.

But the Touch identifies itself from the rest of the pack by having an integrated fat and muscle analyzer. That’s right. With a basic press of the button, it informs you what percentage of fat and muscle reside in your body.

The Touch includes a tracking module and a swappable rubber wrist strap. You can start charging it using any generic USB cable when you take out the tracking unit from the wristband. Unlike other body fitness trackers like Garmin and Fitbit, those uses one-of-a-kind wires. The Touch quickly measures the distance you walked, calories burned and taken, steps you take, hear rate per pulse and along with the number of hours you sleep. Up and down swiping of the Tomtom makes it super convenient to view these data. You can toggle through these data by swiping up and down the display screen.

Tomtom Touch Specs
RATE: $239.
WEIGHT: 10g.
BATTERY LIFE: 5 Days Life Expectancy

Tomtom has easy to use feature in determining your muscle and fat count, swipe up on display until you see the rate section. It takes a couple of turns before you see the tick sign, which suggests adequate measurement. A basic technique to get a reading more quickly is to make sure the button and your finger are damp. The MySport App is needed to be synchronized to your smartphone to analyze and view your body fat and muscle composition measurements.

The measurements of heart rate are affirmed to be the nearest to the Medical Examination, only varied by three beats maximum four beats per minutes (bpm) from outcomes compare to Apple Watch Series 2 and Fitbit Charge 2. Users have to use the Touch tight to get precise heart-rate readings. When the device is worn in the wrong way, the difference of 40bpm may occur.

The Tomtom Sleep Tracker indicates only the amount of your sleep, meaning the time you switch your bed lights off. It doesn’t show the period where you have a light and deep sleep, or try to make a reasonable explanation to tell you that you need to sleep more. This aspect needs more improvement if Tomtom wants to make it to the present body activity tracker market.

Tomtom doesn’t have GPS feature for your destination. However, it uses its built-in accelerometer to track your runs. In comparison to the running distance readings, it is 9 percent less than the same readings from Apple Watch Nike+. Tomtom is the perfect tool for your Body’s MUSCLE AND FAT count above the other body smartwatches. Great gift for your loved ones and to yourself, you can watch over your health in a timely, hourly manner.