Some Tips On Choosing An Ideal Vendor For Your Photo Booth Rental

This decade had seen the rise of the photo booth phenomenon. Coming out from shopping malls and other posh destinations, photo booths are now so common in every personal event as wedding celebration or birthday parties. Many people are now looking forward to renting photo booths to make their events memorable. Here are some tips you can consider while choosing an ideal photo booth vendor.

1. Check for idle time charges

Checking this can help save your money. Many of the photo booth rental companies offer you idle time with a fee if you want to split the booth timings at two separate time slots. Say for example, you may want to rent a photo booth for your wedding function to run it from 6 to 8 during the wedding event and then again resuming after 10 once the dinner is over until the party ends. So, it has to be specifically checked with the vendors if they charge for the exact hours of use or for the entire period of rental including the idle time.

Some may charge only a fraction for the idle time. You may also want to set up the photo booth several hours prior to the guests arrive to the venue, so this also has to be checked specifically before booking. Book your photobooth here.

2. Custom templates

Another important aspect all those who try to book photo booths now search for is whether it will be possible to set personalised templates for the photo booth pictures? The high-end photo booth providers will have in-house graphic designers who can work on your designs and set it as the custom background of the photos.

However, you must raise the request for this well ahead in time as this setting cannot be done at the last moment. The basic providers may not be having this customisation option, so you may have to choose from some basic cookie-cutter templates to be put as default.

3. Up time guarantee

No matter even if you are hiring the best photo booth service providers for your event, sometimes there can be electronics failure and things may get fussy. So, you need to ensure that the provider has backup equipment and facilities with a Plan B ready if something adverse happens. Professional providers may give you a guaranteed up time. With this guarantee, if any down time happens, they may refund certain amount or full of what you have paid.

The terms and conditions regarding the copies allowed also should be checked in advance. Some photo booth providers can give you the printouts, whereas most of the others now write the digital photos on to a CD or DVD and deliver it to you.

You need to check the mode of delivery and also ensure that you will get high-resolution version of the photographs. Some renters may simply upload all these photos to an online platform from where you may have to download or share it if needed. If you need any extra copes or need to get photographs in any specific format, this has to be communicated well in advance to verify the compliance.