How To Pair Bluetooth Speakers To A Phone, Tablet, Or Other Compatible?

Bluetooth speakers popularity has grown significantly in the recent past. Pairing your tablet, phone or any other device to a Bluetooth speaker should be an easy to do task, especially if one is familiar with the easy to follow tips. Though the steps are simple, some hindrances make pairing difficult. However, it is possible to overcome the factors. Read along and get more insight on everything regarding Bluetooth speakers and pairing.

1. Ensure that your phone or any other compatible device is close enough to your speaker when pairing.
Pairing may not be successful if your device is far from the speaker; in most instances, Bluetooth devices tend to pair automatically with the strongest and closest signal. In this case, place your compatible device closer to your speaker than any other Bluetooth device.

2. Be sure that your speaker is not paired with another Bluetooth device.

You might be wondering why troubleshooting is taking too long. Chances are there is a competing device whose Bluetooth is on. Probably your friends phone or tablet is struggling to pair with the speaker. To avoid this trouble, ensure that only your Bluetooth device is on.

Resetting the Bluetooth on your speaker is necessary as well. If you had streamed audio in the past using another Bluetooth device in the room, it might still be connected to the speaker. The same case may happen if you share your house with family or friends who might have used the speaker too. Make use of the disconnect button on the speaker to reset and disconnect all unnecessary connections.

3. Reduce interferences.

Wireless signals are easily interfered with by several factors depending on the strength of the device. People or rather the body just like other watery objects easily block Bluetooth signals. Streaming audio will be disrupted if you stand in between your device and the speaker. During a party, for instance, it is advisable to keep your equipment in a safe place near the speaker rather than carrying it in your pocket.

Similarly, walls hinder perfect audio streaming. If you walk around in and out of rooms with your Bluetooth device in the pocket, music might stop indefinitely. To get the best results, your device and the speaker should be in the same room.

Bluetooth signals become less stable in a room where more signals are competing for airspace. Some places have more invisible hindrances than others; choose the room where streaming works flawlessly. Try to find out the best area in your house where there are zero signal interferences.

4. Laptops and computer Bluetooth may not be the best choice for audio streaming.

Laptops and computers inbuilt Bluetooth are specially made for keyboards and mice thus do not work well with Bluetooth speakers. Audio dropouts and pairing difficulties may occur when using a laptop or computer. Try using a phone or laptop before concluding that your speaker is malfunctioning.

5. Pairing two Bluetooth speakers.

There are specific Bluetooth speakers that can be paired, for instance, ION Soundshine and ION Cornerstone. Ensure that the speakers less thirty feet close to each other. A strong signal is accomplished when they are close to each other. With the information above Bluetooth, pairing will not be problematic at all. Find out some of the best Bluetooth speakers Review. available and choose the most efficient.