How To Grow Your Gaming Fanbase

Growing your gaming fan base and community can be hard, especially when you’re first starting out. Regardless of whether you’re a streamer, retro gaming enthusiast, or table-top game group organizer, there are several ways you can grow your gaming fan-base. With the sounds of so much action filling our gaming headsets, it can be hard to drive engagement and grow your community. Gamers are a fickle bunch, but forming a tight community of loyal followers is one of the best ways to see continued success. Here are a few tips to help you keep your community growing, so you can pop on some in-game earbuds, sit back, and enjoy the success.

Planning Future Content

At the very least, you’ll want to ensure you’re giving your fan-base a reason to stick around. In addition to whatever content you regularly create for your group, there should always be something on the horizon. Whether this is a weekly discussion book-club style or an activity like a gaming tournament, your audience should always be looking forward to something. When people are excited about stuff, they like to tell their friends. If your only source of advertising is word of mouth, then make sure your group is doing stuff that’s worth talking about.

Stay Engaged In Social Media

Speaking of advertising, there’s always success to be found by engaging in various social media channels. This is a low-cost way of reaching out to potential fans, generating buzz about your brand, and engaging with users on a more personal level. While having additional social media channels gives you more ways to share the same content, it also allows you to branch out your group activities in new ways. Giveaways are popular on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram; try giving out a gaming headset or other quality accessories to build loyalty between yourself and your audience.

Keep It Real

There are lots of ways to build your gaming fan base, but the most important one is honesty. Don’t hide behind your brand or be afraid to show your true self; people will appreciate the sincerity. Don’t just give away a gaming headset to gain followers, do it because it’s a product that you want to share with your audience. Participate in community discussions and provide a place where your fan base feels comfortable and welcomed.


While these elements may seem relatively straightforward, many people do not stay consistent and miss out on huge gamer base growth in the months and years to come. Explosive growth will likely not happen overnight. However, if you follow these tips, in time, you’ll surely see your group start to grow.